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Mama Ria. Read The Manual.

So, you bring home this entertainment center that you spent quite a bit of money on, having to patiently save up for the purchase. You go pick it up, get it home and now you have to put it together. From the time you decide that you want the entertainment center, you envision it in your mind first, then you search, whether by ads, in person or internet for something that looks just like what you had in mind. Thru this process, what you’ve seen is the item already put together and in its finished beautiful state.

Here is where some decision making occurs depending on your patience and where you are in life. In all reality, we now have a big box with a million pieces, with letters on them and some screws with other items we have no clue what they are and then…. the Manual. You know the one sealed up in the nice little plastic bag. The one that tells us every detail we need to know in order to successfully assemble this entertainment center. Some of us will completely toss that manual to the side and go off of the picture in our mind and on the box and begin to put this together. Hmmm…

ONLY for it to take way longer than you think it should have, along with SEVERAL pieces left over.  You convince yourself that those pieces must have been extra or not that important. That is, until you go to move the entertainment center exactly where you want it, then put all the other items like the TV, family pictures and DVD’s in place just so the whole thing can come crashing down. UGH. Imagine that…

OR you maybe you’ve tried this shortcut. It’s the “Assembly By Photograph” plan. You figure that by simply looking at the pictures in the manual you miraculously will get a better result!  It may not break down immediately but it sure won’t last as long as it could have. You may get 6 months out of it unless someone accidentally bumps into it causing it to come tumbling down like the walls of Jericho!

But for those who take the time to read the manual… written by our creator who conceived the original idea…the one who took the time to create the manual so that you can get the EXACT results intended. Talk about the blessings! When you are done putting it together, with no pieces left over, you can sit back and appreciate the work you put in and that feeling of accomplishment. You will know that unless an F5 tornado came barrelling through, that entertainment center is not going anywhere! Not to mention you now have experience to offer someone that is getting ready to go on that adventure you can offer them some wisdom.

Our Father in heaven made sure we have a manual called (wait for it) THE BIBLE. We can choose to set it aside and never read it and go off of what we want and envision for ourselves, just to watch it fall apart. We can skim thru it and read a few verses and get a glimpse of some pictures and build only off of that only to end up having the same results at some point where it still falls apart. Or we can take the time to read it, study it, meditate on it and heed the word. Apply it and become it! He is God Almighty who took the time to make sure we had a manual for a multitude of reasons. And for those of us that choose to do so, share it whole heartedly with anyone who makes the decision to begin their journey with Christ…
2Timothy 3:16-17   16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.     

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