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MaMa Ria. Send It Back.

You ever make a purchase at a department store and back yourself up by also going the extra mile and spending the money on the warranty? You walk out of the store feeling confident that nothing will happen with what you have bought but just in case you have the warranty and you can take it back and either have it replaced or get your money back. Nooooo problem!

That’s until something does happen and you go back to the store you purchased the item in confidence and they look at the item and the warranty and inform you that the warranty has expired and now you have to call the Manufacturer and send the item back to them. It’s the look on our faces when we have processed what has been said to us and realize that  we are gonna be taken out of our comfort zones to deal with the Manufacturer and this may take some time.

Well that is exactly what happened to me recently and on my way to my car with that look on my face and the items in my hand along with the expired receipt and warranty, the Lord revealed something to me…..

Anyone we have  invested our love in, whether it be family members, friends, girlfriends or boyfriends, a fiancee, even Pastors and church families….well you get the picture. We will take all the precautions  and purchase every warranty we can think of when it comes to them. Nevertheless something can go wrong. There may be an unexpected malfunction in the relationship. The first thing we wanna do is take it into our own hands and react immediately, which can be dangerous, and in all reality you can be helping the enemy when you react out of emotions, feelings, and flesh…..we want this fixed immediately! Or we want our money back or a replacement (if you will).

What  we don’t want to do is send it back to the Manufacturer. That will require us to get out of our comfort zones, be patient and wait. That would come in the form of fasting, praying, being still, believing in spite of how we feel or what it looks like, having faith and praising Jesus Christ for it in advance as if it has already been done.  One thing about it is that our Father in heaven, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also known as the creator knows more than we  ever will  about that person or people. He is the creator, the manufacturer,  if you will.

For it is written in the Word of God in Psalm 55:22: Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip up and fall. (NLT)  

So before you slip and fall into making a bad decision, reacting in an ungodly way, or giving up because of a burden, something or someone in your life that is broken and you’re tired or drained with trying to deal with it yourself……stop trying to deal with it in the flesh and get out of your comfort zone and  in the spirit and SEND IT BACK TO THE MANUFACTURER!     

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