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MaMa Ria. Seek Him

As parents when we tell our child to look both ways before they cross the street, we are telling them to do that for good reasons. If they choose to disobey and cross the street without looking they can be faced with death or life altering injuries. Not to mention what the driver would be facing for the rest of their life. Therefore disobedience doesn’t only affect you but those around you in some kind of way as well.


In the same manner, when our heavenly Father tells us in His word to seek Him, He is doing it for good reasons. He loves us….In Amos 5:4-6 He tells us to seek Him so that we may live. He is not asking us to…..He is telling us to. Not only is He telling us to but He is looking down from heaven to see who is seeking Him in obedience (Psalm 14:2).


Seek: Attempt to find, desire to obtain, ask for from someone, and search for.


You may be in a certain place in your life where you may be asking yourself “How am I supposed to seek God when I can’t see Him or hear Him?” This is what I have learned:


You set your mind and heart on God.

Focus your affection and your mind’s attention on God.

(1 Chronicles 22:19)


When we really keep it real with ourselves, this is what we do when we are interested in someone and actively in pursuit of a relationship. Some of us have done this with someone we have never seen, whether it’s just been a phone conversation or social media. Ok, here it is………..Anyone can be anybody on social media. Yet we put our mind and hearts right on out there!  Seek Him in His word, His love letters to us. Seek Him in prayer, conversations with Him and then listen. Seek Him in worship, with a grateful heart and loving affection towards Him. Seek Him in fasting, feeding your spirit with nothing but Him and subjecting your flesh to discipline. Seeking Him when you consecrate, devoting your time and attention exclusively to Him for a period of time. After all He is the reason why we take a breath 24 hours a day. Everything in our lives may not be to our personal definition of perfect but that does not stop Him from being our Holy loving Father and sending His only son to be crucified for us and resurrected to redeem us.

If you’re anything like me, I like to ask a lot of questions, like:


How often should I do this?


Continually, all day every day in everything.

(1 Chronicles 16:11)   

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