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The Book Of DMAQ. Religion vs Relationship

God is going to either marvel at your faith or marvel at your disbelief. Check it out fam… When it comes to living an Epic Life, God is no respecter of people. It’s NOT about your religion or lack of religion. It’s about your RELATIONSHIP with Him. Your religion doesn’t determine your success or failure in this life. your FAITH does.
I believe that there is way too much emphasis put on the rules of religion when the Word explicitly states it is by GRACE we are saved. Not by the ability to prove how well we keep the traditions of the Old Testament. FYI, Jesus fulfilled all of those religious requirements when he declared with his last breath, IT IS FINISHED.
On our own, we simply do not possess the ability to keep all the laws of religion. To think we could is the apex of humanistic arrogance and lack of understanding. the man who thinks he knows actually knows nothing at all. Just let that simmer for a minute…
Check it out, the God I know isn’t looking for religious people. He’s looking for those of us who have simple faith to believe that He will grant us our BIGGEST visions for our lives… I’m challenging you to DARE TO BELIEVE God is who He says He is…. He’s looking to have a relationship with each of us! If this past week wasn’t your best, no worries…it’s gone anyways. Get up, Get your faith up, and Get Going…  this week I’m challenging you to thank God in advance for blessing you so that you can be a blessing to others.
So, what’s it gonna be? How long is it going to take to realize that where you are now is nothing compared to the kind of life you will experience by truly pursuing a relationship with Christ. This isn’t about a long list of Do’s and Don’ts. Really, It’s not. It’s the challenge of a journey into life far beyond what we can ask or pray for. And the only way we’re going to get it is by having an ongoing RELATIONSHIP with God. Pax. Pais. Peace.

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