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5B. The SBX Amazona 1.

What’s Good! I’m Derriq Maq. Founder and CEO of SneakerBoogie! I’ve been a Sneaker Head since 1976. I’m looking forward to sharing features about sneaker culture and sports with likeminded fans.With the launch of Sneaker Boogie, we have an opportunity to DO and BE more. The SneakerBoogie SBX Amazona 1. Inspired by ECO activism and a clever plan to save planet earth. ORDER YOUR PAIR:

Every shoe is handcrafted by Italian mastercrafters and feature pristine Italian leather. Each pair is one-of-a-kind: a combination of handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style. Perfectly italian.

Order your limited edition #SBXAmazona 1’s. A portion of the proceeds go to preserving endangered wildlife in the #RainForests of Brazil, Southeast Asia and the Congo River Basin in West Africa: DISCOVER MORE:

From sharing our faith, supporting our favorite athletes, to saving the planet and ourselves. The SneakerBoogie Project (5B), is a socially aware Skateboard and Apparel company dedicated to creating fresh kicks and skate decks that connect with people making a positive difference in the world.This opportunity presents an avenue which young people can lend their support for their favorite athletes and teams and making the world a better place, all while looking great doing it! #SneakerBoogie. Get into it!  

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