An ASR Christmas.

The ASR CHRISTMAS EDITION on DTLR Radio continues featuring New Christmas Classics via @bc1way @lecrae @therealmarymary @shureemusic @musiqsoulchild @therealmaryjblige @lasymphony @derekminor @whoisdavejames @triplee116 + @1crystalnicole! Sunday Mornings 11a-1p EST via the New Apostles, @dtlrradio + @dtlrlifestyle stores nationwide, with Derriqmaq presents Christ Culture in a way that reaches many who

ASR On Demand. The Gift.

This weekend, enjoy the ASR CHRISTMAS EDITION featuring selected tracks from @reachrecords holiday set titled THE GIFT. Originally released last year, this collection of new classics are back with guest collaborations from @lecrae,@Hollyn, @1kphew, @omgitswande, @andymineo and @GAWVI + MORE making up a dynamic 12-track album that will be a