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We are excited to announce our newest member of the Humble Beast family: Deeper Well Records.Deeper Well was formed in 2012 as a collective for followers of Jesus who want to use their creative gifts to explore the Gospel's depths. Ever since, Deeper Well has been writing beautifully unique songs

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Disciples ought to be leading the way in creativity, but we rarely do. The Good News is... Theology professor Ryan Lister and  spoken word artist and founder of Humble Beast Music - Thomas Terry, team up to help restore the connection between creativity and theology.  I believe God is the Creator of all

ASR Music News. Humble Beast.

We are happy to announce that, as of Thursday, May 25, Humble Beast we have began operating fully as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible, non-profit organization. After initially considering this option when we first established Humble Beast, we decided the best route was to hit the ground running as a for-profit corporation.  From that first