365 Ways to Put Jesus First. By Doug Bender Athletes and actors, models and musicians, pastors and politicians ... many have stepped forward, looked in the camera, and proclaimed, “I am second.” But most in the I Am Second movement are not celebrities. They are ordinary people—and they’ve come to the

ASR On DTLR HR2. 8.12.2018

In this edition of All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq, check out the ASR Interview & ASR F1RST LISTEN from Deborah Denise as she shares new info about her latest set of recordings titled Deborah Denise 3.0! Deborah Denise is a singer, songwriter, producer, keyboard player and vocal arranger who's goal is

5B. The I Am Second Run 2016.

I Am Second ® is a movement helping people to live for more than just themselves. Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Former Addicts. That regular guy or girl working a 9-5 job. But most importantly, people like you. The real stories on provide insight into dealing with typical struggles of everyday