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The SGX Jesu Design. Making a clear Statement of Faith via Graphic Design + Modern Fashion. $20 short sleeves | $25 long sleeves | $35 Hoodie. Created by the Stained Glass Clothing Co + Derriqmaq of All Saints Radio! ORDER YOUR SGX Jesu Design from the Baptized Collection: Stylee Short Sleeve $20.00

An ASR 1ST LISTEN: Kanye West PT2.

WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE... Here's PT2 of this Sunday's All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq, check out the exclusive ASR F1RST LISTEN to the full length JESUS IS KING recordings from Inside The PUMA Studio via DTLR Radio including Kanye West IN HIS OWN WORDS. SUN 11a-1p EST. + ASR with Derriqmaq. It’s