MaMa Ria. Seek Him

As parents when we tell our child to look both ways before they cross the street, we are telling them to do that for good reasons. If they choose to disobey and cross the street without looking they can be faced with death or life altering injuries. Not to mention

MaMa Ria. Rock Bottom.

One drink….one more piece of cake… night with him or her….I just wanna try it one time because I’m curious… lie. One choice made over and over again that can take you to a place you never thought you would be. We all have a weakness or maybe even more

MaMa Ria. The Upgrade.

From the beginning of the invention of phones in 1876, it was created as a form of communication. From then until now the sizes, colors, shapes and functionality continues to change. It started as a house or business phone and transitioned to a mobile device in which we carry with


Everyday we wake up we are given another opportunity to make choices to get our lives together. Sometimes it requires for it to fall apart first. That is so that the pieces that no longer belong can be removed.   You see…..Along the way we tend to sometimes bring souvenirs from the

MaMa Ria. Imitators.

Have you ever experienced a Doctor you go in to see and you're already not feeling good, but when he or she walks in,  there is no eye contact. They are looking at your records while you're explaining what is going on with you, only to have them cut you

MaMa Ria. Car Wash.

Just like a car wash….   We pull up in our car that we are accustomed to driving ourselves. Then we have to align the car properly before the journey in and put it in neutral and let go of the wheel and control. The car gets scrubbed by some people at

Mama Ria. LOVE.

He surprised you with a Spa Day...Your hair is done, your hands and feet are sparkling. The professional makeup artist has your face flawless. The dress you have been eyeing is now hanging up and in a few minutes, you will reach for it. Not to mention the shoes that

Mama Ria. Read The Manual.

So, you bring home this entertainment center that you spent quite a bit of money on, having to patiently save up for the purchase. You go pick it up, get it home and now you have to put it together. From the time you decide that you want the entertainment

Mama Ria. Start To Finish.

Everything has a beginning a middle and and end. The problem is that by the time we get to the middle the enemy has turned up the fire if you will, because he does not want us to reach full maturity. In a journey we are supposed to be moving