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Saturday Nights 8-10p CST, the New Apostles + with Derriqmaq via @kzsmradio in San Marcos, Texas present Christ Culture in a way that reaches many who wouldn’t normally find their way into a church service! Welcome to Season 7 of All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq! This weekend, connect with DMAQ

ASR Xtra. Essential EDM.

This is the official All Saints Radio Xtra Broadcast. Hosted by Derriqmaq of the New Apostles. If you're all about that EDM, then the ASR Xtra is for you...stay connected for new episodes + be sure to share your Q's and comments via the ASR Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social


Enjoy this Retrocast Edition of All Saints Xtra w Derriqmaq originating from Inside the Digital 3:16 Studio. It's Essential EDM. The New Apostles. Presenting the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through Contemporary Christian, Hip Hop, EDM and Social Media culture (Matthew 28:18-20). #AllSaintsRadio. #EssentialEDM   Get the latest updates from the team