the a7 List.

We understand the challenges that face Indie artists in the 21st century. Whether it be On- Air support or artist management, inclusion on The a7 List is a unique way to get your music spotlighted on a highly diversified, high profile set of media outlets including nationally syndicated radio and

ASR Music News. Rawsrvnt

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Many people recognize the name Rawsrvnt (even if they still have a hard time spelling and pronouncing it.) After all, he's released nine music projects, been a part of record-setting tours, and licensed several of his songs to enhance media coverage of sporting events in

ASR Movie News. Jomer Dularte

Joemer Dulatre (Joe-mer  Doo-la-tray) is a Philippine native with aspirations of becoming an action superstar in the Hollywood business industry. With visual inpirations from Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan & Jet Li, Joemer's upbringing has led him to obtain his black belt in martial arts at the age of 13. Residing

The ASRI: Lauren Bea.

Spend five minutes with Lauren Béa (pronounced Bay - ah), and you’ll find her to be strong, beautiful, kind and capable. Yet, the woman she is today is the culmination of a lifetime of learning how to love herself. And now on her debut album, Wildflower, she’s spreading a message

ASR Music News. SWITCH.

The new album by Life.Church's Switch, titled Symphony (DREAM Records), is now available for pre-order on iTunes. Along with the album pre-order, fans will receive the radio single and title track "Symphony (feat. Dillon Chase)" instantly. The single will also be available as a MAXI Single on Apple Music. The

The Best Of ASR 2018. v2

Sunday Mornings Inside The PUMA Studio via DTLR Radio + The DTLR App, All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq presents Christ Culture in a way that reaches many who wouldn't normally find their way into a church service! We share our faith, civic activism + passion for sharing conversations that lead

ASR Music News. Carmen Justice

Carmen Justice debuts Brand New Jams on All Saints Radio! “Poco a Poco” in English means “little by little”, a phrase she learned visiting Honduras this summer. Carmen met a couple there who were missionaries and they told her many stories about their time in Tegucigalpa the capital — the

ASR On DTLR HR2. 8.19.2018

In this edition of All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq on DTLR Radio, check out the ASR Interview & ASR F1RST LISTEN from GAWVI! We talk about the artist behind the design for Fight For Me, PLUS what it's like a year later to be an internationally recognized artist + and

ASR On DTLR HR1. 8.12.2018

This edition of All Saints Radio w Derriqmaq originates from Inside the PUMA Studio. Presenting the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through Contemporary Christian, Hip Hop, EDM and Social Media culture (Matthew 28:18-20). #AllSaintsRadio #DTLRlifestyle Brand New Jams from: Lecrae + Zaytoven| Sada K.| Tedashii ft Jordan Feliz It is my hope

ASR On DTLR HR2. 8.12.2018

In this edition of All Saints Radio with Derriqmaq, check out the ASR Interview & ASR F1RST LISTEN from Deborah Denise as she shares new info about her latest set of recordings titled Deborah Denise 3.0! Deborah Denise is a singer, songwriter, producer, keyboard player and vocal arranger who's goal is