An ASR Christmas.

The ASR CHRISTMAS EDITION on DTLR Radio continues featuring New Christmas Classics via @bc1way @lecrae @therealmarymary @shureemusic @musiqsoulchild @therealmaryjblige @lasymphony @derekminor @whoisdavejames @triplee116 + @1crystalnicole! Sunday Mornings 11a-1p EST via the New Apostles, @dtlrradio + @dtlrlifestyle stores nationwide, with Derriqmaq presents Christ Culture in a way that reaches many who


Enjoy this Retrocast Edition of All Saints Xtra w Derriqmaq originating from Inside the Digital 3:16 Studio. It's Essential EDM. The New Apostles. Presenting the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through Contemporary Christian, Hip Hop, EDM and Social Media culture (Matthew 28:18-20). #AllSaintsRadio. #EssentialEDM   Get the latest updates from the team

The a7 List. Shuree.

She’s a powerful singer, a talented songwriter, a tireless ministry partner, and an inspiring advocate for at-risk youth, but growing up in a broken home in Columbus, Ohio, Shuree’s future was anything but secure. Her young life was scarred by domestic violence and addiction among her family members, which led