We are an impact-first business, and 80% of profits go toward reforestation projects. We are reforesting the planet by planting native trees where forests have historically grown. By planting trees we create and conserve habitats for endangered animal species. We grow fresh produce in agroforestry systems providing food and income for those who need it most.

Plant trees with your steps.

Plant a tree for every 10,000 steps you take and earn plant-friendly rewards. For every tree you plant, you’ll get 50 points to spend on a range of environment-first rewards. From sustainable travel experiences to conscious clothing, we’ve got you covered.

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Powered by ECOSIA. A new era of responsible enterprises.

We want to encourage our users to reduce their carbon footprint and get outside, by walking instead of driving. We restore and protect biodiversity hotspots by planting in 35+ countries with local organizations.

Here’s what we can do together…

Treecard helps you to make impactful and sustained climate action. Everyday.

There is a cap on how much people can individually afford to donate. We get that. That’s why we’re offering products that reforest the planet by walking, spending, and shopping.

Powered by Ecosia, the non-for-profit search engine that has planted 100 million trees.

Together we are working to build an ecosystem of responsible alternatives to everyday services. Ecosia manages several of Treecard’s reforestation projects.

Treecard helps to minimize the damage of everyday life.

Our lifestyles come with environmental costs. We encourage you to use Treecard for your walking, spending, and shopping to reduce your carbon footprint.

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