“Vive+” celebrates five years on open television. It is one of the Christian programs with the highest audience on Spanish-speaking television. Hosted by singer, Nadia López, “Vive+” connects the audience with the impressive stories of its guests; their triumphs, challenges and struggles to achieve their dreams. Between music, fun interactions, deep conversations, and emotional moments, the program celebrates testimonies of success from people who realized that living is much more than existing. The program has an impeccable audiovisual production that covers topics of general, cultural and social interest that CBN carries out in Mexico to help widows, single mothers, orphans and the vulnerable population of the country. This work is carried out thanks to its donors and associated organizations.

“Vive+” is a production of CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Network), the audiovisual ministry founded by Pat Robertson, who died in 2023, who has left a legacy on the responsible use of a media at the service of the Gospel. “The great commission is the only mission,” the preacher used to say, words that continue to resonate with those who are in charge of the program today, with Esteban Castro as director and producer of CBN Mexico. “The Lord has allowed us to consolidate an excellent work team in Mexico, people who understand what our founder, Dr. Pat Robertson, instilled in us about the purpose of this medium,” Castro emphasizes.

Completing five uninterrupted years on the air with a production high caliber television such as the one proposed by “Vive+”, is a rare challenge in our environment and shows that we are facing a historic moment in the evolution of Christian television.

Throughout this five-year period on air, “Vive+” has been growing in audiovisual proposal and content with values that lead the viewer to live a unique experience, that of verifying through stories that God is real and that life lacks meaning without Christ. Hundreds of musicians, pastors, professionals in different fields, athletes and leaders of social institutions have passed through the “Vive+” studios to open their hearts to the enormous audience that follows, week after week, this program. One of them is Alex Campos, the well-known Colombian singer-songwriter who did not want to stop expressing his joy for these five years in which he also contributed his part to tell what God did in his life.

“I am happy to join this celebration. I highlight the production work of ‘Vive’, of a unique quality that makes me truly admire them enormously. Thank you for letting me be part of these five years and allowing me to join that beautiful vision,” expressed the influential artist through a video on social networks. To the countless voices of those who passed through the “Vive+” studios, there are those of those who see the final product from their homes and communicate with the program. Many of whom decided for Christ after one of the broadcasts, and there are thousands of people who do so monthly. The production team includes a call center and messages from viewers, who, also through social networks, contribute enormously to the growth of the audience.

And they leave impressions like these:

“I have emotional problems, I am diagnosed by the specialist because I am so afraid to go out. When I knew what the Bible said, I prayed the prayer of faith and asked God to help me forgive my father” (Reny).

“I don’t know how to read or write and I like to watch videos on the internet. I watched Oscar Medina’s testimony on VIVE on YouTube and that made me decide to call them, to thank them for this interview that had a great impact on me” (Cecilia).Five Years

“I was alone, I gave up drugs a long time ago and called to ask for prayer. I have prayed with the host and I am in a church with my partner, I thank God and you that I am better” (Daniel).

In light of the testimonies and the recognition of those who went through this cycle and the high levels of audience that has, the arrival of the nominations and awards would not take long to arrive. “Over the last five years, ‘Vive’ has not stopped growing in richness of content and evangelistic impact. We have seen God glorify Himself and we believe that His plans for the future are even better,” explains S. Anderson, regional director of CBN for Latin America.

By virtue of this, “Vive” has received three awards from the Águila Awards, two for “Best Audiovisual Production” and one for Nadia López as “Best Host”. The most recent was awarded by the Glocal Association of Communicators.

“Vive+” is a CBN production and constitutes one of the pillars of this ministry in its division for the Spanish-speaking audience, which also has programs such as “Club 700 Hoy”, “Superlibro” and “Vida Dura”, among others. It is broadcast on television stations in 17 Latin American countries.

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