Lecrae Releases ‘Church Clothes 4’ To Conclude Long-Running Mixtape Series-

Lecrae is having a full-circle moment as he’s released the fourth installment of his Church Clothes mixtape series.

The last of his long-running mixtape series features 14 songs lead by “Spread The Opps” and followed by “Fear Not.”

“I’m a child of hip-hop. I grew up with rap music, and God transitioned and transformed me when I became a believer! After that, people felt I didn’t belong in hip-hop anymore,” the Houston native said of his famed mixtape series via a press release. “The Church Clothes mixtape series helped them understand there’s a place for artists like me. If Wu-Tang can spit the 5 percent gems, Kendrick can talk Hebrew Israelites, and Ice Cube and Lupe can declare their Islamic faith, why is there no space for Christian hip-hop artists? So, the first Church Clothes (released in 2012) was about me getting mine off and spitting what’s in my heart.”

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Additionally, the project touts features from Andy Mineo on “Good Lord,” while PJ Morton makes an appearance on “We Did It.” Other guests include A.I. the Anomaly, Jon Keith, nobigdyl., WHATUPRG, and Jordan L’Oreal.


1.“CC4”Lecrae Moore, Nate Robinson, Jeffrey Lawrence Shannon, Lasanna “Ace” Harris, Connor Back, Alexandria Dollar, Amir Mohamed el KhalifaJuberlee, Ace Harris, Connor Back, ​theBeatbreaker1:47
2.“Spread the Opps”Moore, Harris, Clayton Rogers, Brice Sibomana, Juan Ramón Luis Melián, Robert Labraunte Gullatt, Deandre Hunter, DollarDrumGod, Dude Clayy, Simbo, JuanRa3:01
3.“Dirt”Moore, Shannon, Sims Cashion, Jaden Eli, DollarJuberlee, Sims Cashion, Jaden Eli2:57
4.“Still In America”Moore, Wesley Eugene Smith, Quinten John Coblentz, RobinsonWEARETHEGOOD, ​theBeatbreaker3:21
5.“Misconceptions 4” (featuring nobigdyl., Jon Keith, and A.I. The Anomaly)Moore, Dylan Phillips, Jon Keith, Aitina Fareed-Cooke, Rickey Offord, Jakob Zimmerman, Dollar, Montell JordanSlikk Muzik3:52
6.“Good Lord” (featuring Andy Mineo)Moore, Andy Mineo, Alex Goose, Matt Zara, HarrisAlex Goose, Matt Zara, Andy Mineo3:07
7.“I-45 Freestyle” (additional vocals from Tedashii)Moore, Dylan Hyde, Leslie Johnson, Curious George, Robinson, Michael Girgenti, Dollar, Tedashii Lavoy AndersonDylan Hyde, Leslie Johnson, Curious George, ​theBeatbreaker1:49
8.“Take Me Up” (featuring WHATUPRG)Moore, J. Raul Garcia, Harris, Joel McNeill, Ryan Bert, Robin William, Ernie Isley, Marvin Isley, O’Kelly Isley Jr., Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley, Steven Howse, Anthony Henderson, Bryon Anthony McCane II, Charles C. Scruggs Jr., Danny TowersAce Harris, Joel McNeill, Carvello, ​theBeatbreaker3:11
9.“Protect My Peace” (featuring Jordan L’Oreal)Moore, Jordan L’Oreal, Dollar, Ronnie Jackson, Harris, HunterLil’ Ronnie, Ace Harris, ​theBeatbreaker2:53
10.“Fear Not”Moore, Shannon, Kevin Gomringer, Tim Gomringer, Luis Bacqué, Vincent Dean Verdi, DollarJuberlee, CuBeatz, Vinnyforgood, Luis Bacqué, Lecrae3:17
11.“We Did It” (featuring PJ Morton)Lecrae, L’Oreal, Dollar, Offord, HunterSlikkMuzik, KelbyOnTheTrack3:13
12.“Journey”Moore, Lyle Anthony Leduff Jr., Donald Cannon, Jaron Allen, Harold AllenLyle Leduff, Don Cannon, NIQ Maximus, ​theBeatbreaker4:33
13.“Deconstruction”Moore, Harris, McNeill, Andrew Prim, RobinsonAce Harris, Joel McNeill, Andrew Prim, ​theBeatbreaker4:09
Total length:41:16

Lecrae released the first of his Church Clothes mixtapes in 2011 and then dropped the second edition in 2013. 2016 saw Church Clothes 3’s release. Church Clothes 4 is the Houston native’s first project since 2021’s No Church In Awhile with 1K Phew.

You can stream Lecrae’s Church Clothes 4 here.

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