The Agape Music Group is a 3x award winning Urban Christian and Urban Gospel group based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The group was created with one goal: To love God and to love people through music and other art forms. Even though this group was initiated by a husband and wife worship leader duo, we thrive on collaboration with other like heart-ed believers to make art that illuminates the vastness of God’s infinite creativity.

Musicians, singer/songwriters, clothing designers, tech and sound professionals make up the entirety of the group, all playing a role in creating a sound that glorifies God. Whether it’s a track with 808’s or an organ, gorgeous string lines or edgy synths, it is all ultimately to make Him smile and to touch the heart of His people.

What is the meaning of the logo?

LOVE (that’s the heart) IS GREATER THAN (that’s the greater than sign) ANYTHING (that’s the X). Based off of 1Corinthians 13

Why the name The Agape Music Group?

When we first got married, we took a DEEP dive into 1Corinthians 13. We are consistently and consciously working to apply that to not only our marriage, but every relationship we have. And it’s mainly because we’ve experienced the love of God. His love is unconditional, thorough, intense and sufficient in every way. It’s that AGAPE love. We figured that name was perfect to put the emphasis on HIS heart for us, and our desire to love more like Him.


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