Similar to what had happened at Asbury University, pastors and believers across America are praying for similar revivals to happen on their campuses. As believers, we need to also be praying for more revivals to occur across the globe.

By Vivian Bricker –

The Asbury Revival is something that has sparked a great deal of attention within the past few days. Since Wednesday, February 8, 2023, hundreds of people have been gathered at Asbury University in Kentucky. 

Over one hundred people fell at the altar on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, and it has since “turned into a Holy Spirit outpouring that shows no signs of stopping.” With this new information flooding our feeds, what are we to make of it? 

What Is the Significance of the Asbury Revival?

The 2023 revival that is presently still occurring on the campus of Asbury University is not the first revival to have happened at this location. Back in the year 1970, Asbury University had a similar revival. 

A 50th-year anniversary celebration was held in 2020; however, three years after this anniversary, Asbury is once again experiencing a new revival. This revival has been going on for over 100 hours. This is an astounding amount of hours for the normal Wednesday chapel service to keep going on.

Rather than being persuaded by intense feelings of emotions, this revival is more peaceful and is marked by gentle worship, prayer, meditation, reflection upon the Bible, and healing

There have also been remarkable numbers of personal testimonies during this revival, in which people have been sharing what God has done for them. 

This is an amazing phenomenon that is happening right now. Many churches and individuals have been praying for revival, but how can one know if this is an answer to prayer? 

Through this revival, there is a great number of people coming to this revival and not wanting to leave. Numerous individuals are claiming that they believe this revival is part of the Holy Spirit’s outpouring. 

Since this is a Christian University, the majority of the attendees are already believers; however, this revival is helping them refocus on Christ. Through days upon days of praying, worship, and reading Scripture, the individuals involved are not planning on leaving anytime soon. 

The people within Asbury University are deeply moved by what is happening in their midst and the revival that is happening before their eyes. Revival is when a person refocuses their eyes, hearts, and minds on Christ. 

Maybe they had lost sight or have become stagnant in their faith, yet through revival, the believer once again has the desire to grow in their knowledge of God and to spend more time with Him. A deep love within the heart of the believer is awakened when revival happens. 

As is the case for the individuals at Asbury University, they have a new love for God and a deep desire to grow closer to Him.


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