The history of Torchbearers can be traced back to brokenness when Major W. Ian Thomas came to the end of himself in his own effort to please God. It was right at that point where Christ began to produce what has become a fellowship of like-minded people who have also discovered that the only One who is able to produce true godliness is God Himself. The Torchbearers centers, which are now scattered around the world, are merely a testimony to the risen Christ bringing into being that which otherwise could not have been. Regardless of your background, we welcome you to join us for the program that best suits your needs at any one of our 25 centers. We are international and interdenominational by nature, and deeply appreciate the freedom to keep the person of Christ at the center of our teaching and fellowship, instead of those things which too often divide us. We look forward to seeing you!”

Your servant for Christ’s sake – Peter Reid, General Director

It was a God-given vision born out of the devastation of World War II when Major W. Ian Thomas, returning from the war, determined with his wife Joan to open their hearts and doors to European young people. Providing them with lodging and food in a holiday setting, Thomas also gave insightful teaching from the Bible and soon these guests began to discover the adventure of knowing Jesus Christ personally.

It was the German youth who came in those early years to Capernwray who began calling themselves the “Fackeltraeger” or “carriers of the torch,” and so the name “Torchbearers” was born. The dynamic reality of the Christian life as a relationship with the indwelling Christ began to rekindle the lives of hundreds from all over Europe as Bible schools sprang up first in Germany and then in Austria. Now the ministry has spread to every continent in 25 different centers, and thousands of people each year have been changed by the reality that first touched the life of Thomas at the age of 19.

25 centers worldwide, sharing the life of Jesus Christ

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