At Baylor, “Love thy neighbor” are not just words… they are a way of life.

At Baylor, service is integrated into the fabric of campus life, grounded in a Christian understanding of hospitality that motivates humble service to all. This exists within the classroom, where world-class faculty commit themselves to the education of Baylor students. It exists in the Waco community, where students, faculty and staff engage with their local community to impact people’s lives. And it exists on the other side of the world, as students work to serve people of all nations as the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ teach us. Calling oneself a Baylor Bear means confessing membership in a dedicated community of academic excellence and servant leadership.

Missions Week 

Missions Week provides mission education and raises student awareness about the possibilities to grow, love, and serve both through Baylor mission trips as well as with many global and community partners.

Our hope is to get students involved, and connected to various programs and organizations in which they may serve and love their neighbors.

Missions Summit

Missions Summit

Missions Summit, held in the Fall and Spring semesters, prepare students and team leaders to serve missionally on Global Missions teams. Each summit incorporates education, training, and discussions regarding faith and discipleship, cultural humility, global challenges, international travel, and more.

Civic Life Summit 

The annual Civic Life Summit is a two-day experience held at the Mayborn Museum Complex for various campuses, churches, community leaders and concerned citizens to engage their communities in important conversations that build mutual respect and understanding across race, religion, politics and other areas of public life.   The Civic Life Summit features breakout sessions on various topics, ranging from restorative justice, living room conversations on race, political discourse and interfaith cooperation to specific training on deliberative work in churches and classrooms, developing frameworks and questions for dialogue and running Open Space meetings.   For more information about this event, previous speakers, and more visit here.

Better Together Week

Our annual Better Together Day celebration has expanded to a full week of events supporting interfaith advocacy, religious literacy, as well as appreciation for cultural and religious diversity.

This event is organized in collaboration with the Baylor University Department of Multicultural Affairs. For more information about this event, visit the Baylor Lariat article here.

Interfaith Regional Gathering (IRG)

The culminating event of Better Together Week is typically our annual Interfaith Regional Gathering held in the Spring at the Mayborn Museum at Baylor University. A conference for university students throughout the Southwest Region to gather and learn more about interfaith work and advocacy. Featuringa keynote address, trainings and breakout sessions,great food, networking, and more! 

Register to practice civic, intercultural, and interfaith literacy in your community through an exploration of these concepts.

This event is organized in collaboration with the Baylor University Department of Multicultural Affairs. For more information about this event, check out The Top 10 Things to Know About the Interfaith Regional Gathering. 


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