Sammy Nino releases new music with his single titled “Won’t Ever Change.” The track is available now.

“Won’t Ever Change is a simple devotional of gratitude disguised as a folk song. I think it will be best to listen to during a quiet moment of your day when you can have some alone time with God. I have nothing but wonderful memories of how this song came to life. I met the writers (Abbie Lewkowski, Hailey Hibbard) at a Bethel songwriting retreat in Franklin, TN and an hour conversation of honesty and vulnerability turned into this song. It came together effortlessly. It also helped that we had the honor of writing it with Benji Cowart who is a pro writer behind a lot of CCM songs we all love. I hope when people listen they feel peace and that they are reminded of how much we are loved by the creator.” -Nino

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