Life is a battleground and it is a fundamental truth that we all encounter painful experiences in life that leave us paralyzed one way or another and as we journey through life, we are marred by self-inflicted limitations. Limitations are circumstances that restrain or restrict our movements in life. Some are spiritual limitations while some are self-imposed limitations, which is as a result of past experiences.

Break Free at breaking

A limited man is a restricted man and limitations are designed to prevent many from living the abundant life already made available for them through the finished works of Christ. In order to live a limitless life, we must make a conscious effort to shatter the limitations that are holding us back and this book is compiled to help you understand that self-inflicted limitations are destructive, detrimental and causes life to derail. We must not set limitations on ourselves based on the challenges we encounter in life.

To help you understand that regardless of the obstacles that may present themselves in our lives, we must consciously go after our dreams fearlessly and not be afraid to break barriers and push forward towards our destiny. It is also compiled to help you understand that freedom is not the absence of limitations but the choice as to what you choose to restrain and restrict your progress because ultimately your freedom is in your hands.


……That fear is a lie. It is the product of the thoughts you create.

……That though rejection can be painful, it is also an incubator that God uses to hide you for a specific time, a specific place and a specific person or a group of people.

……That Insecurity is the lack of trust in your abilities and worth but when you enter into a secured state of consciousness, your confidence will be lifted.

……That Self-doubt is the “self-inflicted limitation” you place on your life as a result of your “perceived” deficiencies, inadequacies and inabilities.

…….. Prayer is the bedrock of every believer and the weapon of destruction for every battle in life.

…….. Unbelief is the thief of God’s goodness and blessings, but faith says I believe that all things are possible.


A Preacher, Prayer Leader, Writer and Mind Coach. The Founder of Breaking Limitations.  She gave her life to Christ in August 2006. Shortly after giving her life to Christ, she experienced a near death accident which resulted to her leaving the church for a few years. She then rededicated her life to Christ in November 2010. Since then she has diligently and wholeheartedly devoted her life to Christ and serving the people with her assignment.

​With her strong passion to see people succeed in different areas of life, she follows her mandate to aid in breaking the limitations preventing many from living a peaceful, joyful and prosperous life with prayer, biblical teachings and mindset transformational techniques and teachings. She firmly believes that everyone was created with a unique purpose assigned to their life and we are to be change agents and impact the world with our gifts, talents and assignments. However, we can only make an impact as we ought to with the right mindset.

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