Whether we call it a Bible study group, Small Group, Life Group, or Prayer Group . . . when believers gather, we should pray. The central focus of the groups should always be growing in our knowledge of God’s Word, the Bible, and joining in a time of prayer and praise. Our church actually has a time of Prayer Praise & Share during Sunday morning worship where the congregation can ask for prayer or share praises and then an elder leads in corporate prayer. What a precious time, but admittedly not always feasible in a larger church.

However, like the believers who met in a home to pray for Peter when he was in prison (Acts 12:1-17), church members often form a prayer group to pray during times of emergencies or crisis. Permanent prayer groups might spawn from such an experience.

The NAVE is a prayer group for the sole purpose of praying over prayer requests, church needs, the community, and the country . . . whatever or whoever the Holy Spirit leads us to pray for.

A prayer group is simply a group of believers who meet on a regular basis to pray and praise in the name of the Lord.

Some prayer groups might have a specific focus like praying for their community or praying for families, or praying for elections and government. Moms praying for children. Some groups might pray for prisoners. The neighborhood. Schools. The list is endless.

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A prayer group doesn’t require many members so that everyone has a chance to participate, but it also shouldn’t be exclusive or limited. If a prayer group grows beyond six then they can break into smaller groups when it’s time to pray.

Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and you will have abundant joy. John 16:24 NLT

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