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ASR News. Faith Under Fire

Via Fox News Service: More than a thousand faith-based institutions of higher learning in the United States are coming under assault from political forces looking to shut them up or shut them down, because of their more traditional views on sexuality and gender roles, according to a recent report. Schools like Gordon College in Wenham, Mass., Westminster Theological

The NAVE Project: PAM

I spent most of my life doing the things I liked. I never saw anything wrong with spending time on the things that interested me. I made the most of every moment for fun, comfort and pleasure. It was my life--why not do what I want? Interestingly, the book of

ASR News: Think.Pray.Vote.

by Wayne Meisel. Pastor, father, blogger, idealist. Whenever I hear someone refer to the “Christian vote” I cringe. As if all Christians think – let alone vote – the same way. Most often, reference to the “Christian vote” assumes that Christians are overwhelmingly conservative and Republican. The truth is that when most people